A beautiful wee micro-wedding at Dundarroch House, Brig O’Turk



Seven weeks doesn’t sound like long to plan a wedding but when Siobhan and Mags won their gorgeous micro-wedding at Dundarroch House, courtesy of Wee Wild Weddings, it turned out to be relatively easy going.

“I genuinely don’t think we had time to stress,” says Siobhan.

“Seven weeks is not a lot of time on paper, especially when people plan for years but actually if you break it down it’s plenty of time to get the essentials organised.

“I believe the more time you have to plan the more time you have to stress. If I could plan it all again I’d say give me the same time as it was perfect.”

And they certainly pulled off a gorgeous wedding.

Read below how they did it, with beautiful images from Joy Story

Wee Wild Wedding RLW

Siobhan and Mags were first introduced by mutual friends – who got them together after a bit of coaxing.

Then after a year and a half of dating Mags proposed on a boat in the middle of Loch Lomond.

“It was all so very romantic,” smiles Siobhan.

Mags insisted her fiancée pick her own ring (“she knew how fussy I am”) – so she chose a platinum round brilliant solitaire ring from Chisholm Hunter.

With only seven weeks to plan the women had to get cracking with their dresses quickly but number two priority was finding the perfect venue.

“As soon as we saw this location it was a no brainer,” says Siobhan.“

It was perfect for our intimate day and it was part of a National Park with the most amazing backdrop of Ben Venue.”

Winning their wedding for the end of September 2020 meant there were a tense few weeks when restrictions had changed but they were lucky to manage to have 14 guests witness them marry outdoors.

Having found the perfect venue their grey and sage colour scheme quickly fell into place after they discovered beautiful kilts at a wedding fair and bridesmaid dresses.

Siobhan was very aware of how little time there was to find their wedding dresses and admits they didn’t really have a clue what they wanted.

She quickly booked some appointments and hoped for the best.

Siobhan went to one shop with her mum and sister and absolutely loved the first dress she tried but thinking it was too good to be true went on to her next appointment.

“It actually turned out I got mixed up and arrived a full week early,” she says.

“The girls at Wed2B Glasgow were fab though once I explained my situation and managed to fit me in.

“I knew I liked A-line style from my previous appointment and when I tried the first dress on after explaining what I liked to the girl in the shop my mum and sister cried.

“It was stunning and nothing else touched it!”
She opted for a beautiful Anna Sorrano A-line gown with pockets.

Mags then had her appointment at Wed2B the following day and luckily it was the same sales assistant so there was no chance of her getting the same dress.

She went with her sister who cried when she tried on the first gown – a flattering sheath design with floral embroidery.

“Again not wanting to be too rash she did go to a second shop that day but it was inevitable and she went back to buy the first dress!” says Siobhan.

Both brides chose to accessorise with complementary Swarovski and Pandora bracelets with matching necklaces and earrings.

Although planning had been fairly straightforward the night before was a bit stressful as the brides tried to work out their “what if it rains” scenario.

They also had to think of Covid compliance, setting up their families in socially distanced bubbles.

Siobhan and Mags chose not to follow tradition and spend the night apart due to the set-up of the venue.

“It was perfect and nothing had been traditional up until that point so why start the night before!” says Siobhan.

“We were both so happy and excited. We couldn’t believe our luck and given we only had seven weeks to plan I think we had a constant buzz of everything happening so fast, it was a whirlwind.”

Small and intimate micro-wedding

The morning of the wedding was all go with two brides to get ready and everything to set up.

“We woke up, had a quick bite to eat and then didn’t see each other again until we walked down the aisle,” says Siobhan.

“We also hadn’t actually met any of our wonderful suppliers face to face until that morning either so it was a morning full of joyful and excited hellos.

“We loved it all and I don’t think we could quite believe we had pulled everything off.”

Walking down the aisle was bittersweet for Mags as she had lost her dad earlier in the year so her brother stepped in.

Mags walked first then Siobhan with her dad.

“When I saw her waiting for me we both just caught each other’s eyes and with the overwhelming emotions it was hard not just to let go but we had make-up not to ruin so we held it together,” she says.

“I think we both felt so much joy for what was about to happen. It was a glorious sunny afternoon and the backdrop of Ben Venue was just incredible.”

As their guestlist was so intimate they live-streamed the whole ceremony.

As part of the prize the couple’s ceremony was conducted by Claire Digance of Humanist Society Scotland.

She gave them a selection of vows she recommended and the ones they picked felt very fitting.

“Saying them immediately felt like a new beginning was being created as we were making a lifelong commitment and promise to each other,” says Siobhan.

“It was surreal but incredible.”

Due to restrictions the couple were unable to have a full drinks reception or wedding breakfast but they were gifted personalised drinks buckets and as part of their prize the team at Scottish Wild Picnics created a romantic outdoor picnic under a gorgeous gazebo, including homemade lavender shortbread and wild Scottish salmon.

“There were lots of personal touches with organic prosecco, flasks of tea and coffee and shawls to wrap up in whilst we ate,” says Siobhan.

“I wouldn’t say we missed out on not being able to have a traditional three-course meal at all.”

Looking back Siobhan says the ceremony was the absolute highlight of the day.

“Claire the humanist did a truly loving service and it felt so intimate and inclusive.

“We also particularly loved that it was live streamed and all our friends and family across the world were still able to join us.

“It really helped us feel that they were all still with us celebrating our special day.

“There is one special moment that we remember vividly and it was when we were having our picnic just the two of us and a wee robin sat down beside us.

“We took that as a sign that our loved ones who we had lost were with us and it felt really comforting.”

Having been through wedding planning at break neck speed the women advise other couples to plan your wedding for you and no one else.

“Yes, consider family and friends, however ultimately it’s your day and that’s what should matter most,” says Siobhan.

And they say there’s no time like the present.

“Our wedding was the first small intimate wedding we had both been to and it was perfect,” she adds.

“It really made us appreciate the day and we felt fortunate that we could spend lots of time with our closest family.

“Of course, we missed all those who couldn’t attend but they were still able to join us remotely.”

If you are looking for something similar these brides definitely recommend turning to Wee Wild Weddings.

“Without them we wouldn’t have had the day we did.”

Wee Wild Wedding RLW

Photographer’s Credits

This wedding was organised by Wee Wild Weddings and the photos were taken and supplied by Joy Story

“As soon as we read their story we wanted to throw them an amazing mini wedding so they could finally have something to celebrate in 2020! I think everyone needed a little joy in 2020, but especially Siobhan and Mags. They could not wipe the smiles off their faces the whole day, it was just so blooming joyus to be a part of it all!!”