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    Luke Bennett Weddings engagement shoot

    A stunning sunset engagement shoot at Aberlady Bay Nature Reserve, Longniddry

    Naomi and John were uninitiated in the ways of professional photography so when it came to their engagement shoot they put their total trust in their pro Luke Bennett.

    By their own admission this is one “very relaxed” couple so they left the location up to Luke, and he didn’t disappoint.

    Here they talk us through the thinking behind this super-romantic shoot…

    Naomi and John booked their wedding at Glenbervie House and right from the start of planning they’ve had a clear idea of the photography style they’re after.

    “We both knew we wanted a photographer who would capture our wedding day as it happened without things seeming too staged,” explains the bride.

    “We loved the fact that Luke’s style of photography captures things as they happen including people’s different natural emotions and reactions and this offers a wonderful opportunity to capture those precious memories forever.”

    The couple pencilled in their engagement shoot for October and left the location entirely up to Luke.

    He decided on Aberlady Bay Nature Reserve in Longniddry, East Lothian.

    “I much prefer rural over urban so naturally my choice was somewhere with beautiful scenery,” he says.

    “The shoot was in the autumn, so I wanted to try to capture some autumn colours, plus a sunset.

    “We met around 4pm so that we had time to walk for a bit and then return to the bridge for sunset.

    “As we walked back towards the bridge the golden glow burst out from behind the clouds and caught us all by surprise a little, it was truly amazing!”

    With the logistics covered Naomi carefully chose her wardrobe, prioritising comfort and warmth, and admits to giving John some “strong hints” too!

    A walk in the park

    As neither Naomi or John had ever had a photoshoot before they were entering new territory but quickly settled into the experience.

    “We really loved it because it was like going on a walk with a new friend,” smiles Naomi.

    “Luke was great at guiding us and it all felt very natural and relaxed.

    “The sunset that evening at the end of the shoot was simply breathtaking.”

    And the verdict…

    The couple’s ease in front of the camera meant Luke could capture a lot of spontaneous and natural moments.

    “We were so pleased when we saw the finished product,” says Naomi.

    “We took a while to just look through the album together and this was a special moment as we were able to relive a big milestone for us as a couple.

    “We can’t wait for Luke to document our wedding day with our loved ones.”

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