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Almost half of Scottish to-be-weds admit to significant wedding stress

A new survey from The Scottish Wedding Show has revealed 49% of Scottish couples have found themselves in high levels of stress during their wedding planning.

Half of the couples questioned in the bespoke survey also said they’d had major disagreements about their plans.

Negotiating finances was cited as the most stressful part of the planning process with a fifth of the couples surveyed saying they found it tough.

Keeping families happy accounted for 15% of wedding stress and deciding on the guest list (12%) was also high on the list of stressful tasks.

Susan Spense, head of weddings and events at Manorview Group, has worked with hundreds of couples.

“There is no doubt that planning your wedding can be extremely stressful,” she says.

“Couples put a lot of pressure on themselves to make it an extra special day.

“What couples often forget is that their guests just want to see them happy and having fun, and that should be at the heart of everything they do.”

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However, it wasn’t all doom and gloom.

The survey also asked couples what they enjoyed most about wedding planning, and choosing the venues came out on top at 18%, closely followed by finding the right wedding day outfits (17%), and planning the honeymoon (14%).

Susan suggests some really simple things you can do to make the planning less stressful…


Agree with your partner what’s most important to you both and focus on that first.

That way you’ll have that sorted and in-hand early on in the planning process. 


There will be plenty of people around you who want to help, so let them.

Whether it’s your bridal party or family and friends, give them a role and take some of the weight off your shoulders. 


 You and your partner aren’t going to agree on everything but remember this is a special day for both of you, so compromise where you can.

Be organised:

Whether you are having a small intimate wedding, or a full-on event, you will need to be organised.

Find a way to keep track of your spending, contacts, actions, and ideas so that you’ve got everything in the one place. 


For most people this is the most exciting day of your life so enjoy every second of the planning!

The Scottish Wedding Show is just around the corner, taking place at the SEC, Glasgow 14-15 October.

You’ll find over 220 exhibitors, three catwalk shows a day, and 10 bands performing over the weekend.

Tsitsi Lynn Makuni, group show manager for The Scottish Wedding Show advises to-be-weds to speak to exhibitors and enjoy the planning process as much as they can.

“We see thousands of couples at our bi-annual wedding show, all hoping to make their wedding planning as smooth as possible,” she says.

“While the planning might be stressful at times, your big day is one you’ll never forget so take the advice of our exhibitors and enjoy every minute of both the planning and your wedding day.”

Tickets for the Scottish Wedding Show are available here

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