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    Ask the expert – Kilts 4 U share the secret to creating a bespoke groom’s outfit

    Your wedding outfit is arguably the most important one you’ll ever wear so it’s worthwhile putting proper thought into all the finer details.

    Yet all too often the groom’s outfit can seem like a bit of an afterthought.

    Bridal magazines are fit to burst with wedding gown fashion and when brides get engaged everyone seems to have an opinion on what style of dress she’ll go for.

    Next to that grooms could be forgiven for feeling a bit neglected or overlooked.

    But remember this is your big day too and if there’s one time in your life you can push the boat out on an outfit this is it.

    You could hire your kilt outfit just for the day, but for something truly special it’s worth considering going down the bespoke route, with a personalised made-to-measure outfit.

    That’s when it’s time to put yourself in the hands of the experts.

    With 16 years’ experience in the business, Kilts 4 U is more than qualified to help you create something truly unique.

    Experience, experience, experience

    Kilts 4 U is a multi-award-winning wedding specialist with stores in Hillington, East Kilbride and Kilmarnock.

    The family-run business has a specialist team of wedding industry consultants ready to guide you through your wedding journey.

    If you do choose to hire your wedding kilt the company has over 30 tartans on offer.

    In fact, of those 30 hire tartans, 12 have been exclusively designed by owner Sally Carlton.

    “Over the years Sally has built our hire wear range with careful planning and designed all of our 12 exclusive tartans to match colour schemes and trends,” says Kilts 4 U’s Iain.

    Add to those tartans eight matching jackets for adults and children from six months and you have an extensive hire range to choose from.

    Oh, and did we mention Kilts 4 U also carries the official Rangers FC and Celtic FC tartans? A sector of their range Iain says is “increasing all the time.”

    Totally bespoke

    But what if you want something totally unique for your wedding?

    Then enter Frank’s Gold Room, Kilts 4 U’s bespoke service which offers you the chance to create exactly what you want.

    “Frank’s Gold Room is where we work our magic,” says Iain.

    “The inspiration was to create a true made-to-measure shopping experience and raise the bar for all grooms.

    “After all, the bride has this level of service so why not the groom? It’s the biggest day of his life too.

    “Frank’s Gold Room is a specialist made to measure suite where we truly can create your dream outfit from top to toe.”

    Family ties

    In Frank’s Gold Room the team can personalise every aspect of your kilt outfit from scratch and Iain remembers one particularly unusual outfit.

    “We were asked to create an outfit for a groom whose gran was from the Isle of Harris so we commissioned his very own Harris Tweed outfit, totally to his desired spec.

    “The result was a complete one-of-a-kind matching jacket, waistcoat and kilt and to finish it off our sporran maker even made a special one-off, inlaid with the same tweed.”

    Personal taste

    That particular outfit may have stood out but the commitment to personalisation is nothing out of the ordinary at Kilts 4 U.

    “Want to create your own tartan?” says Iain. “We can do it. Want to design you own kilt? Invert the pleats? Design your own sporran?”

    All of this is achievable and even details that you may not have considered such as jacket pockets, cuffs and linings can lead to other decisions.

    Then you just need to consider whether you want real staghorn buttons or not.

    Add to that a pair of handmade shoes (that naturally come in a choice of 12 leathers), inlaid with your choice of tartan.

    Then complete the look with a tie that can be matched to any colour theme or tartan style.

    Et voila!

    Team players

    If all this is music to your ears just be aware that you may come out of Frank’s Gold Room with a little more than you bargained for!

    Iain recalls one groom’s outfit that was so special his father and father-in-law had to completely rethink their own wardrobes.

    “Our favourite story was creating a beautiful outfit for a groom who had come in with both dads and after they saw his outfit decided they couldn’t attend the big day in their current outfits – which were 30-years-old,” he smiles.

    “This ended up with all three of them with stunning outfits from Frank’s Gold Room.”

    So if you fancy getting the gold star treatment book an appointment at Kilts 4 U – with or without the dads!

    Fancy having a bespoke wedding outfit created just for you?

    Contact Kilts 4 U here