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Halfpenny London’s new pared back “3” collection is a lesson in simple elegance

You’ve got to salute Kate Halfpenny and her brave approach to this season.

Instead of bringing out dress upon dress she’s really pared it back, offering just three new gowns in the aptly titled “3” collection.

“We’ve focused a lot on craft and what I wanted to do with this collection is just focus on the cut and the simplicity and the beauty of those pieces, and so not create tonnes more newness because we have some really stunning collections that have just not had the airtime yet,” she explains.

So the new collection includes the Dahlia dress, the Foxglove dress and the Hyancinth dress; each beautifully cut to create a new iconic silhouette.

It’s been an intense few months for the designer and her team, busy ensuring the most recent crop of brides get the dress of their dreams so it was a conscious decision to focus on them while working on the slimmed down “3” collection.

As Halfpenny says, “We made a decision to rest, reflect and recharge instead of going full steam ahead into a new collection, creating lots more newness which isn’t needed right now.”

However, that’s not to downplay the new pieces.

“The urge to inspire is strong,” says the designer.

“This season, we focussed on a small number of pieces, relishing the opportunity to immerse ourselves in craft, indulging in the process of sculpting these designs into their final, striking form.

“My team and I have explored the boundaries of our fabrics in new and exciting ways, using their capabilities to perfect construction of these simple, beautiful garments for our brides to enjoy and style as they wish.”

And while there may only be three new gowns, the collection comes with the usual optional styling extras so you can create your own bridal style.

Choose from a range of capes, veils, puff sleeves and bows to give your chosen dress some added oomph.

And as with all Halfpenny, the new range also works seamlessly with heritage Halfpenny pieces.

Here’s just a few of our new favourites…

Dahlia dress

Dahlia dress - Halfpenny London

We love the scoop neckline, the concealed pockets and the dramatic pleating at the hips of the Dahlia dress. Made in Mikado, its central column shape is beautifully simplistic.

Dahlia dress with detachable bow

Dahlia dress with Dahlia bow - Halfpenny London

While the Dahlia dress is a beautiful standalone piece, add this oversized statement Mikado bow to transform it into a totally different look.

Dahlia bow with Hyacinth dress

And who says you have to keep all the fun to the back? Statement bows are having something of a moment so wear yours up front for the full wow effect. Tulle cape optional.

Foxglove dress

Totally crushing on the square cut neckline and simple sheath cut of Foxglove but the real drama comes with the back detail.

Foxglove dress with tulle cape

Foxglove dress with tulle cape - Halfpenny London

Simply add a tulle cape for that extra je ne sais quoi. Because all the cool girls are wearing capes.

Orchid bell sleeves and Hyacinth dress

Orchid bell sleeves and hyacinth dress - Halfpenny London

Take one simple, beautifully crafted strapless sheath dress and transform it with a pair of totally extra bell sleeves.

Orchid bell sleeves, Orchid skirt and Hyacinth dress

And if that’s not enough add the voluminous Orchid skirt for good measure. This look is giving us all the period drama feels.

Orchid cape and skirt

Orchid cape and skirt - Halfpenny London

Told you capes were the accessory you need to have a serious think about.

Orchid puff sleeves and Hyacinth dress

Orchid puff sleeves and Hyacinth dress - Halfpenny London

Just wow! Thank you Halfpenny London for giving us yet another head-turning silhouette to consider.

Orchid skirt and Hyacinth dress

Orchid skirt and Hyacinth dress - Halfpenny London

When a full-skirted gown can look effortless and understated.

Orchid puff sleeves, Orchid skirt and Hyacinth dress

Or add the sleeves for a ceremony look you can later remove to transform for your evening reception.

The new collection may just have launched but we’re already excited for the next.

Halfpenny says, “I’ve already had all my fabric meetings for next season so let me tell you there’s not going to be just three dresses then when I think you’ll all be ready for some newness and getting our magical textures back in so watch this space.”

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