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‘I do’ diary – Amber and Keiron’s final wedding planning update

When Amber and Keiron got engaged the plan was to have a gorgeously gothic Edinburgh wedding in autumn 2024.

Last issue though they told us they’d totally changed their minds and were headed west for a wedding at Boclair House Hotel and were bringing the wedding forward by a whole year to 30th October 2023 – “the closest to Halloween we could get.”

Despite the change in time and location though, the gothic theme is still very much the vibe and Amber and Keiron have spent the last couple of months perfecting their décor.

“We’ve booked our linen through Beautifully Covered which is going to be burgundy tablecloths with black napkins,” says Amber.

“We had it the other way round to start but changed our minds because we think it’ll break it up from looking like a funeral, rather than a wedding!”

At the time of writing the couple were also looking forward to meeting their florist.

“We can’t wait for it,” smiles Amber. “We have such clear ideas of what we want so going in and discussing them will hopefully be another easy day.

“It’ll be dark reds, bright reds, magenta, hot pink, and a slight touch of blush pink.”

And for a couple who were dead set on a black wedding cake the final creation has taken quite a turn!

Amber was so disappointed to learn black icing tastes like chocolate which she wasn’t a fan of.

After scouring Pinterest, they saw a hot pink cake and decided that was the new plan.

At their appointment at Special Days Cakes they saw so many beautiful options but nothing quite fitted their vision.

“They were so helpful,” explains Amber.

“We spoke to them and told them we wanted a three-tier hot pink cake with black drips down it.

“The flavours will be vanilla, toffee and red velvet and we are going to have some artificial flowers on it.”

It’s official

Another big booking made since last time is the couple’s humanist Carol Knight.

“I think having a familiar face that everyone will recognise, and such a warm person will just be such a great finishing touch,” says Amber.

Amber and Keiron wedding planning

Suited and booted

For his wedding outfit Keiron has chosen something unique, opting for a camel gold-coloured velvet blazer with a black lapel, with his dad – who is the best man – in a matching outfit.

“To add a bit more flare we’ll be wearing ruffled white shirts with big dickie bows,” adds Keiron.

“I’m pretty set on us wearing Cuban heeled Chelsea boots in black.

“I just wanted to go for something that was a bit different but also timeless.”

And joining in on the boots, the couple’s daughter and flower girl Daisy-May will have a tiny pair of Doc Martens – “I doubt they’ll last long before she kicks them off to start dancing!”

They are still on the hunt for the perfect blush pink dress to complete her look.

When we caught up with them, Keiron was looking forward to a music-filled stag in Liverpool while Amber had two hens planned – one in Edinburgh that her family can join in, and another night out in Glasgow.

“I have a surprise for Keiron on the big day,” Amber adds.

“I can’t say too much but I really hope it blows him away.

“It just felt absolutely perfect!”

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Look out for Amber and Keiron’s wedding in the January issue of Your Scottish Wedding magazine

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