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    Introducing Kilts 4 U’s “At the venue fitting service” for weddings

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    Let’s face it; getting ready for your wedding can be a bit tricky, especially if you’re opting for full Highlandwear.

    Remembering exactly how to tie your brogues, where the plaid goes and just where the top of your socks are meant to sit can be a lot to remember.

    Then add some pre-wedding jitters and a team of best men and groomsmen who are equally confused and it could all get a bit much.

    Luckily then, Kilts 4 U have introduced their new “At the venue fitting service”, something the company’s owner Iain Carlton describes as “entirely necessary!”

    The service has actually been born out of many customer requests for assistance.

    Avoid the stress

    To avoid any upset or unnecessary stress then you can book one of Kilts 4 U’s experts to come to your venue or home to dress you and your groomsmen on the day and get you looking your very best.

    “We see many many wedding photographs when enormous amounts of money, time and effort have been spent but the outfits are badly worn,” says Iain. “Sadly these cannot be taken again or recreated.”

    Some of the common mistakes the Kilts 4 U team see are jackets being buttoned, plaids being worn on the wrong shoulder – FYI it should always be over the left shoulder – socks worn too short and kilts worn on the waistline (too low), or lopsided.

    They’ve also seen kilt pleats to the front and too much thigh on show – big no nos.

    “That’s why we started this service,” says Iain. “To make sure you and your groomsmen look the part and are picture perfect for your photographer.”

    While the team will guide you through the correct way to wear your outfit at every stage of the purchasing or hiring process, they do understand it can be a lot to take in.

    How it works

    If you do opt for the “at the venue fitting service” you will still collect your outfits two days before the wedding.

    You must try them on the evening of collection to ensure any size changes can be dealt with the day before the wedding.

    Then on the big day your expert fitter will arrive at the venue – or wherever you’re getting ready – to get you and your guys dressed.

    A standard minimum charge applies if you’re within 20 miles of the Kilts 4 U store and terms, conditions and charges apply.

    Please note, this service is only available to Kilts 4 U customers.

    For more information call 0141 571 2282 or email

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