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    Charlotte Mills

    Meet the new Charlotte Mills bridal trainers you need!

    Bridal shoe designer extraordinaire Charlotte Mills is a firm fave with us here at YSW so we’re delighted she’s launched a new bridal trainer available to order online now.

    We’re already big fans of Charlotte’s wedding day shoes but we love that these exclusive sneakers can carry you through all the bridal engagements from your hen party, to the photography portrait session (hello climbing up hills in comfort) to dancing the night away.

    Fashioned in soft white leather, we love the glittery panels and chunky white soles.

    The CM embossed branding on the tongue is also as elegantly subtle as you’d expect from the designer.

    Charlotte Mills trainer

    Inspired by requests from brides who wanted something comfortable and cool to wear on bridal events, on honeymoon and beyond, the ‘Karolina Pearl’ trainer was created.

    “We’re so excited to finally release our new bridal sneaker, after over a year in the making!” says Charlotte.

    “The chunky sole and luxurious leather make this trainer so comfortable, and the glitter panels add some beautiful sparkle that will catch the light as you’re dancing on the evening of the wedding.

    “We hope our brides love this new addition as much as we do.”

    Charlotte Mills trainer

    Shop the Karolina trainer and the entire Charlotte Mills range here

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