Perfectly groomed – meet the grooms with en pointe wedding style

We hear it all the time – chat about what the bride will wear and how she’s getting herself wedding ready but what about the grooms?

Katie Bletcher takes a look at how you guys can up the style ante and speaks to the men who perfected their wedding day ensemble.

Paul and Steve married last year at Newhall Estate and they certainly pulled it out of the bag to create their two stylish looks, complete with cufflinks branded with their own bespoke wedding logo.

Despite Paul being an Englishman, Steve managed to convince him he could get away with wearing a kilt and they both headed to Kinloch Anderson to get measured up for their complementary outfits.

While Paul got the full works, Steve was delighted to fit into the kilt he’s had since he was 21!

Then the two guys opted for their own unique looks, accessorising with different sporrans, brogues and ties.

With their wedding outfits sorted, these two creative grooms started to get personal, adding special touches to really make their outfits stand out and have something to remember from their day.

They had created a logo combining their initials which they incorporated in everything, from their stationery to their table plan and even masks made for guests.

“We both had custom facemasks made with the same tartan as our kilts by MacGregor and MacDuff,” says Paul.

“However, everyone commented on the ‘branded’ facemasks we had made for all our guests.

“Many of them still use them, and it’s a lovely reminder of the day every time we see one.”

Then as a surprise to Steve, Paul commissioned wedding cufflinks and bathrobes for them both, again branded with their personal logo.

“I left them as a gift for Steve to open when he woke up on the morning of the wedding,” says Paul.

“The bathrobes were a real indulgence but helped to add to the feeling that it was a really special day.

“We actually still use them every day.”

Talk about a wedding present to remind you of your big day every day.

Another element that has lasted beyond their wedding is the scents they wore.

“We’re not the most cosmetically minded so we both went for our standard aftershave scents that we’ve used for a while – Molton Brown Re-charge Black Pepper for Steve and L’Occitan for me,” says Paul.

“We use these most weeks, so again, it’s a nice reminder of our wedding!”

Molton Brown

Ooh suits you!

We love it when a groom pays attention to every detail of his outfit, and you’ve got to hand it to Ian Drever.

When he married wife Rosemary at The Timberyard in Edinburgh, he looked incredible.

From his immaculately tailored floral suit to the slip-on shoes/no socks combo and magnificent beard this was a wedding lewk.

Ian, we salute you.

“I always knew I didn’t just want to look your typically dressed groom,” says Ian.

“As smart as they look, I always felt they never stood out in a crowd.

“Naturally my dress sense is a bit bolder and I don’t really mind looking a bit out there.

“I always fancied a floral suit.”

Rosemary took a little convincing to get onboard, but it was one of the few things he had his heart set on.

Going with such a strong statement, Ian knew it had to be just right.

“There’s a very fine line between stylish and tacky with floral suits,” he says.

“But I have a few and always find Twisted Tailor do amazing bold looking stylish suits.”

He found his own suit there but dressing his best men and ushers proved problematic.

“We couldn’t find anything to match so had to buy them all my suit trousers as well,” Ian explains.

“Some of the boys needed a bit of convincing, others were very keen, but it all came together well and I’m really proud of how it turned out.”

SG Mark Photography

Looking good

Rosemary had lined up a friend to do her and her bridesmaids’ hair on the morning of the wedding and Ian decided he’d treat his boys to the same VIP attention and hired his favourite barber to call in.

“He always does a really good job with my beard and it really distracted everyone from the long wait to the wedding and gave everyone the good feeling of just fresh out of the hairdresser,” he says.

“It was honestly one of my favourite bits of the day getting ready with all my favourite people, treating them to a fresh trim and setting the mood.”

Wanting to look his best, Ian had his beard cut and styled and finished with a little Mo Bros beard oil.

“I tend to stick to sweet flavours,” he says. “I’m really enjoying their vanilla and mango flavour.”

Watch yourself

Call us traditional but we reckon nothing makes a more, ahem, timeless wedding present than a watch

“A watch is such a special gift because it can hold so much sentimental power,” explains Jason Monaghan, CEO of luxury watch company JJ Monaghan.

“Everything else you wear on your wedding day either gets returned to the hire shop or stored in the back of the wardrobe, rarely gazed upon.

“Wearing a watch you were gifted on the biggest day of your life is a constant reminder of the love you hold for one another.”

JJ Monaghan

JJ Monaghan Watches have a range of different offerings, but Jason says the Endeavour collection has been popular with grooms.

“If there’s one day you want to look and feel your very best it’s your wedding day, and with its polished retro cushioned case and its perfectly contrasted dial, it commands your guests’ attention while you forget you’re wearing it due to its supremely comfortable leather strap.”

And Jason says a good watch can elevate your wedding outfit, making it look put-together and planned out.

“You want your watch to be an extension of your wedding outfit,” he says. “Its aim is to enhance, rather than overpower it.”

But what if you want to make your w-day watch even more special?

There are ways of personalising it, according to Jason.

All the JJ Monaghan leather strap watches can have a monogram in gold or silver added to the strap while the stainless-steel band options can have monograms added to the watch box.

And if you’re wanting to extend the love to your best men and ushers, it’ll look pretty damn cool to all rock up in matching watches.

Plus, you’ll always have them to remember the guys who were with you front and centre.

“Months after your wedding, meeting your groomsmen in the pub wearing your matching watches reinforces that special bond and lets you all reminisce about your wedding,” says Jason.

Our “I do” diary bride Debbie married fiancé Andrew in April and we caught up with her in the run-up to the big day.

Debbie had planned an amazing surprise for him.

“I got him a Tag Hueur Monaco watch as a wedding gift from the lovely people at Rox,” she told us.

“It will be a huge surprise for him as he’s always wanted one.”

Time to chill

Once you’ve put in all the hard work to get your cool wedding look down, make sure you enjoy the getting ready process.

A lot is made of the big day morning for women, with whole hours dedicated to hair and make-up and the obligatory glass of fizz, so don’t miss out.

Whether you get ready with your guys at someone’s house, head to the barbers for a freshen up or have a wee nerve-steading drink with your mates, it’s important to take that time together.


We love the Dalmahoy Hotel & Country Club’s Grooms Room package where the team transform the 18th century Dalrymple Room into the ultimate gents’ retreat to hang out with your guys and family before the ceremony.

Along with buckets of beer and buffet food while you get ready, they can organise all sorts of fun activities.

You could go simple with gaming stations and kilt styling or elevate the experience with whisky tasting, table tennis, foosball or even a round of golf or some archery to make the most of your wedding morning.

You can even extend the fun to the wedding eve for some quality time with your boys.

Treat yourself!


Read all about Paul and Steve’s wedding here and Ian and Rosemary’s wedding here

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