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    Kilts 4U - bespoke range - sporran

    The 5 things every Scottish groom needs in his sporran

    Whether you opt for a traditional leather finish (like this beaut Kilts 4 U one pictured above), bespoke tartan to match your kilt or a fabulous rabbit fur affair, your sporran is the finishing touch of your wedding day outfit.

    But what all do you need to carry in it?

    Here are the five things every groom should have safely tucked away…

    1. Rings (if your best man can’t be relied on!)

    Unless you want to end up rocking your guest’s Metallica rings in a Four Weddings and a Funeral style make sure these are firmly placed in your sporran.

    2. Money

    Ok it may be your wedding day and you’re already buying everyone dinner but no one wants to look tight standing at the bar not able to get a round in.

    3. Hip flask

    “BarCraft stainless steel soft touch 350ml hip flask,” KitchenCraft

    Grooms and hip flasks go hand in hand. Why do you think so many groomswear companies offer flasks finished in your chosen tartan?

    As it’s a special day treat yourself to the best single malt you can source. Or a cheeky wee jager if that’s more your style.

    4. Speech

    Fail to pop this one in and prepare to wing it in the most important piece of oratory in your life.

    Whether you’ve scrawled it on flash cards or the back of a fag pack make sure this is one of the first things you pack.

    5. Tissues

    Because you may well shed a happy tear or two. After all, it’s your party, you can cry if you want to.

    “Wedding tissues tin (£7.99), Getting Personal

    Have you found your wedding outfit yet?

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