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    The groom’s gift guide

    As if marrying the love of your life isn’t great enough you can also expect a little present or two from your other half.

    After all, you’re a catch!

    But where to begin?

    We’ve rounded up a few of our faves on the market right now, whether you’re a back to nature twitcher or king of the barbecue.


    Sleek and sustainable

    Black & Gold Piñatex Classic Watch (£135.00), Wearth London

    This handsome watch with it’s clean lines and uncluttered face is as sustainable as it is attractive.

    The straps are made from piñatex, the by-product from the pineapple harvest.

    With no extra land, pesticides or fertilisers used in production, it’s both good for animals and the planet.

    Arm-candy that is both stylish and guilt-free.

    German engineering

    Beer Box (£85.65), Einrichten Design

    You’ve got to hand it to the Germans when it comes to fun design solutions.

    We reckon there’ll be more than a few takers for this beer box come portable barbecue grill come handy side-table.

    Embrace the Scottish summer and be well-prepared for any impromptu barbie that comes your way.

    All a twitter

    Ultimate bird lover hamper (£55.00), Boxwild

    Bird lovers this one’s for you.

    If wedding planning’s giving you a headache what could be more calming than a spot of bird watching?

    Maybe ask for this one early in the weeks running up to the big day.

    The ultimate bird lover hamper contains a range of feeders, seed blends and other goodies to keep the birds visiting your garden.

    And breathe.

    Drink up

    English Pewter Co. Pewter hammer hipflask with brown leather sleeve (59.00). Farrar & Tanner

    Hip flasks are synonymous with groom’s sporrans and if you’re going to have a wee knee-settling nip before the ceremony better opt for a stylish one.

    We love the hammered pewter finish and chic leather pouch, plus you can have it engraved with a memorable message.

    Get the beers in

    Beerbods subscription (from £24.00), Beer Hawk

    Beer lovers will be in heaven with a monthly beer subscription.

    Working out as a drink a week, Beer Hawk’s BeerBods club treats you to the beer and the story behind it.

    Of course, you don’t have to limit yourself to a weekly beer. The bottles and cans are sent out in boxes, with the most popular gift being a subscription for four months.


    Finishing touches

    Cufflinks – Stag, The Rut (£29.95),
    Annabel James

    Finish off your wedding day look with these stylish enamelled cufflinks, making a subtle nod to your Scottish heritage.

    We think these would also make a pretty sweet gift to your best man and ushers.


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