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    Explore the majestic and beautiful Highlands & Islands of Scotland like never before with WildTrax Land Rover Adventure Hire

    The WildTrax fleet sit atop perfectly capable all-terrain tyres, allowing you to continue on your adventures whatever conditions are thrown at you. The vehicles, particularly our Defenders, are probably the world’s most iconic 4×4 because of their ability to tackle and conquer tough and uneven terrain. Rest assured, whatever the Highlands and their four seasons in one day have to offer, our Land Rovers will get you there. This means you are able to go where others struggle, to go where others simply cannot.

    Guided adventures with WildTrax
    Guided fishing

    Scotland is well known for its amazing fishing, and what better way to experience this than on a professional guided fly fishing adventure with a WildTrax Land Rover –  fully kitted for a few days in the wilderness. Fish in Scotland for salmon, trout, pike, perch and salt water species such as pollack, sea bass and mackerel.

    Off -road adventure

    Through the decades, numerous films, photographers and guidebooks have attempted to capture the size, beauty and diversity of the Scottish Highlands. However, nothing could come close to the reality of driving the beautiful west coast roads, camping in remote places, picnics at scenic spots and driving tracks into the vast wilderness that are inaccessible to the general public. 

    NC500 convoy

    The NC500 is a jaw-droppingly beautiful road trip in the North of Scotland. With a like-minded group of adventurers in a convoy of Land Rovers we explore this incredible part of Scotland.  We will visit some well-known distilleries, stay at some amazing campsites, eat local food and visit fairytale castles, white sandy beaches and historical ruins.