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    CASC – Cigars, Ale, Scotch, Coffee

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    About this business

    This is ground zero, the epicentre and beginning of CASC nation and the dawn of the bar evolution. Focusing on quality cigars, craft beer, scotch whisky and artisan coffee we aim to compound the senses and deliver a truly unique Aberdeen bar experience.

    The specialist retail arm of CASC focuses on providing you with the finest Cigars, Ales, Scotch and Coffee.

    Cigars: we are a Gold Standard Havana Cigar Specialist, selling both Cuban and New World cigars.

    Ale: stocking a wide variety of both core and specialist beer, in bottles, cans and mini kegs; many of which are refrigerated.

    Scotch: over 100 varieties focusing on single cask, independent bottlers and rare expressions.

    Coffee: take away coffee coming very soon using our unique espresso blend.

    We also offer an ace variety of gin, rum, mezcal, tequila, other fine tipples, merch and accessories.

    Why not start your stag night out in Aberdeen here and find the perfect presents to gift your boys?